DNA TEE - Pop Up Concepts
DNA TEE - Pop Up Concepts
DNA TEE - Pop Up Concepts
DNA TEE - Pop Up Concepts


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Screen printed graphic, back print with signature test bar stamp both front and back over printed with Thermo transparent inks.

  • 5.7 oz. 100% cotton long sleeve. Made in USA.

About Pop Up Concepts 

Established in 2012,Pop Up Concepts is a home to  lifestyle men’s accessories, street-wear, foot-wear and everything cool. Those looking for distinctiveness and exceptional items have access to products rarely found on the market and irreplaceable to whom seek them.

“Pop Up Concepts” branches out from what traditional retailing signifies. It combines permanent physical presence with a rotating interior, changing every time into a completely different look and feel. The store’s physical environment constant change creates a hype around the brand and motivates customers. The concept is about injecting dynamism around a specific identity of unconventional  street-wear, foot-wear, jewelry and accessories reflective of those looking for a lifestyle as opposed to a product.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Pop Up Concepts whether in store or on our website. 

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