Mister Luca T.


    Luca T became an artist by chance... 

    His soul as an artist was built little by little influenced by his travels, meetings and museums. One day he stood in front of a painting by Andy Warhol and it disturbed him, he felt the need to express himself somehow not knowing how to go about it. 

    His artistic journey took him several years, having to think and rethink over and over until one night he wakes up having the urge to do so on a canvas. 

    After two hours of mixing collage and paint, he comes up with his first work of art. Not long after at one of his dinner party at his house, a friend of his invites a New York gallery owner who quickly notices the canvas and asks who its creator is. In fear of being judged the artist creates a pseudo name of Luca T.

    Not one day later after it being displayed at the NY art gallery, it was sold and Mister Luca T was born. 

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