Top 5 best streetwear brands of 2019

Each season brings new surprises to the fashion world, but recently a bizarre phenomenon has set foot. A subtle merge between luxury and streetwear is making its way into the sartorial society.

The separation between runways displaying only sophisticated garments and streetwear remaining on the streets for countercultures is gradually fading.
In the Middle East, specifically, U.A.E and Lebanon, being the top leaders in the region for the newest fashion trends, streetwear is also making its way into the people’s fashion sense. Many are either crashing the market or introducing new concepts to blend in with this fresh fashion trend. 
Here are our 5 favorite streetwear brands you need to know about: 


1// Juun.J

Named after its founder, Juun.J who calls himself the “street tailor” set foot in the fashion industry in 2007 and was quickly proven to be one of the most innovative designers in the world. Introducing headgears as a fashion statement is one of his creations.
With Juun J’s deep knowledge in classic tailoring, he masterfully shatters old concepts to create new silhouettes, with his inspiration being youth and the street. 


2// Pleasures

The Los Angeles based brand, that has dressed celebrities like Kylie Jenner and The Weekend, was launched in 2015 by Alex James.
Inspired by punk, post-punk, metal-rock, hardcore and other musical genres, Pleasures never failed to create controversial pieces of clothing.
Pleasures have collaborated with Reebok, and offer different types of clothing as well as accessories and footwear.


 3// Ambush

Presenting a distinct Tokyo appeal, Ambush evolved from an experimental line of jewelry to one of Japan’s most known streetwear brands with hyped collabs like Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Off-White. Ambush has become Dior Homme’s jewelry designer, with much freedom in their designs. Think chains and mock life vests as puffer jackets, and you will understand how their multidisciplinary sense has gained them the liking of huge figures in the industry including Kanye West.


4// Les Benjamins

Founded in 2011 by Bünyamin Aydin, the Istanbul-based brand has gained impressive worldwide recognition, through the combination of its founder’s Turkish roots with luxury streetwear. Local stories, cultures, history, and traditions are all part of Aydin’s designs. Collaborations with Puma and appearances in Paris runways is not where Les Benjamins stops. 


5// Danielle Guizio

Nothing can better represent streetwear more than an Empire built with $400 only. Guizio was one of the few who understood early the impact of social media on sales, all the way back to the days of Myspace. Unisex graphic tees, and bombers for a youthful look, but also blazers and hoodies for a mature look, Danielle provides all. Sexy, comfortable, stylish, and unique screams Guizio.