The Ultimate 2019 T-Shirt Guide: Become a T-shirt Savant!

The humble T-shirt is a must for every man’s closet, we can even go as far as to call it a ‘wardrobe staple’. T-shirts are comfortable, versatile and relatively affordable not to mention they can be worn in countless ways for almost any situation. However, wearing a T-shirt means that you are running the risk of looking underdressed; the secret is to look like you’re wearing it intentionally. That being said the rules for wearing T-shirts are rather simple; with just a little attention to detail, you can start to own your personal look. 

Here is your ultimate guide on how to wear T-shirts with style in 2019:

1// First, let’s talk about the fit:

The way a T-shirt fits says a lot about you! Unintentionally baggy shirts with sleeves that are flopping from the shoulders give the impression that you have no idea what you’re doing. On the other hand, a shirt that’s too tight’ sends the message that you can’t get your own reflection out of your head. That’s why it’s important that your shirt fits you very well; here is some advice that applies to all body types:
  • Length: t-shirt should finish around the top of your hips that way if you raise your hands won’t turn into a crop top.
  • Sleeves: should cover no more than half of your upper arm and should be as close to the skin as possible without stretching
  • Feel: it should allow you to move comfortably without ever feeling tight
  • Oversized: even if you are going for the oversized or longline style, the shoulder seams should ideally align with the point where the curve of your shoulder ends.

2// What about the colors?

Now that you know how to properly fit your T-shirt, what kind of color should you go for? Start with the basic colors like white, black, gray and navy and you’ll be able to pair them with just about anything.

If you’re a pro and you want to go for colors that are not just basic, then just remember that there are no strict rules! But we do advise wearing T-shirts according to your skin color. For example, if you have fair skin then wear darker colors, and if you have darker skin then try to go for more bright and bold primary shades.

3// Next to the neck type

If you’re going for a streetwear look, which is what we’re here for at Pop up Concepts, then just go for the crew neck. Simply the best draws the eye out and creates the illusion of square shoulders making you appear broader and better proportioned.

4// Plain vs. Printed vs. Striped 

  • Plain T-shirts are the easiest item for men to pull off. All you got to worry about is the color (which we’ve already discussed) and they will pair with just about everything.
  • Print tees follow the same rules as the plain tees but they’re a step up because they give your look a little bit more character point. Whether it’s a graphic design or a brand new words of wisdom, the only rule is to own it! It’s usually best to keep it subtle and not to overdo t.
  • Striped tees just don’t go with streetwear and that’s something we don’t advocate for here at Pop up! 

5// Distressed T-shirt


Nothing says from the streets like a ripped T-shirt! If you’ve noticed the ripped jeans or the ripped T-shirt look is becoming very famous, then you’ve met the “Distressed” look. A ripped T-Shirt will definitely help in owning your streetwear look. 

And We’re Done!

And there you go! That’s your 2019 T-shirts guide. Just remember to consider the fit, the color, and the neck type and you’re good to go! Don’t forget, when it gets cold just apply the same rules to long-sleeve tees and you’ll still rock your look!

Do you have any additional tips?