How To Master Your Streetwear Look in 2019

What is there to Master?

Streetwear model

It’s no surprise that streetwear is gaining more and more popularity; all the celebrities are going the athleisure route and by now, most probably some of your friends are too. The biggest misconception about streetwear is that it is too easy to pull off, when in reality it has its secrets. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, not all streetwear are created equal. But not to worry, we’re providing you with everything you need to know, so you too can look like the King of the streets!

First… Fabric

Streatwear apparel

When it comes to streetwear, Cotton is King! Let’s look at the list of usual items involved: Cotton T-shirts, Cotton hoodies, Cotton sweaters, Cotton sweatpants… Should we go on? Just know that when considering fabric, with cotton you can’t go wrong. That doesn’t mean that cotton is the only way to go, some luxurious brands are using “Tech Fabrics” like nylon and neoprene to reflect that authentic streetwear look.

Sneaker game

White Sneakers

In the great words of Drake: “Started from the bottom now we here!”. The centerpiece of your outfit will be your shoes: your sneaker game will either make or break you. You could always go with the basics such as Air Max 1, Jordans, Sk8-Hi… However, it’s our humble opinion that the sneaker trend is moving from basketball/tennis style to runner style shoes. Keep in mind to get shoes that are versatile and look good with multiple outfits. 



That’s arguably the best part of the Streetwear life: you can relax all day in your comfortable sweatpants. No need for everyday jeans or chinos, because sweatpants recently gained acceptance in the fashion world and we couldn’t be happier! They are the go-tos when comfort is of the utmost importance: when traveling or when going to the movies. 

Loose vs. Baggy

 Sweater and sweats

If you are going to pull off streetwear then you need to know the difference between baggy, loose and oversized. If you’re not too familiar with these concepts then just remember this simple rule: Try to think loose, not baggy. Try to go for clothes that give you a silhouette that’s relaxed and not tight-fitting, but without looking like a tent with legs.

The T-Shirt life


T-shirts and streetwear are inseparable as I’m sure you already know. Whether you are going for the basic T-shirt look or the Printed T-shirt look, you cannot go wrong. If you are not sure on how to masterfully pick a T-shirt then check out our Ultimate 2019 T-Shirt Guide.

Welcome to the Hood

White Hoodie

We’ve saved the best for last: the Hoodie. Hoodies and streetwear go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can always go with the classic original fit with a short body, big hood, and tight cuffs or you can go with the branded and printed look. Almost all brands offer hoodies, but for a real streetwear look, you can go for the following brands: Adidas, Off-White and RTA.

See you in the Streets

Black Hoodie

Now that you have the inside scoop on how to dress for the street life, let me give you one last piece of advice: Do Not go for the hype! Hypes are especially appealing in streetwear, so try to go for the timeless items instead of what is trending right now.

What are your go-to brands for streetwear? Let us know in the comments.