Accessorize like a Stylist: The Complete 2019 Men's Guide

When we hear the word “accessorizing” we usually think that it’s for women, however, If you’ve ever wondered how you can take your outfit to a whole other level, then accessorizing the right way is your answer. How can you accessorize like a stylist? Read below to find out!

1// Watches

One thing’s for sure, watches will never go out of style! And in the world of fashion, it is a must-have, especially for men. At the moment there are two major trends to be on the lookout for when it comes to watches. The first is the simple/minimalist design, where the look is very minimalistic and single neutral color is used (usually white, grey or black); this design is very versatile and can complement most looks. The second is the detailed skeleton design, where the intricate mechanism of the watch can be seen; this design gives a more luxurious look.

2// Bracelets


Bracelets have quickly become one of the most wanted men’s accessories of today, so if haven’t started wearing one, you should start as soon as possible. It is a great way to compliment your look, whether you’re into the classic or the undeniably awesome streetwear look there is a bracelet that will fit your style. For the streetwear look, we recommend a laid back black and silver ceramic or onyx bracelet, you can also go for a nice bead or leather bracelet with a color of your choice.


3// Rings

Not all of us are comfortable or confident enough to be wearing a ring, however, if you like it then you should put a ring on it! In 2019, rings are becoming more and more popular as an accessory for men, and it’s an easy way to express your style. As a general tip, limit the number of rings to two or three and have it match the style of your bracelet.

4// Necklace


No longer just for women, men necklaces are very common now and can say a lot about your personality and sense of fashion. Choosing the right one can also help make some of your outfit: A white T-shirt, denim jeans and a simple jacket look can be seriously improved by adding the right necklace to it. The trick is to keep it simple; try to go for a silver/gold thin chain, a simple metal pendant or a medallion with a barely-there engraving.

5// Sunglasses


We left the best for last, and this should come as no shock. Invented to protect the eyes from the harmful sun rays, currently, they serve more as a fashion statement and they are definitely not limited to the summer season. If you’re not an avid sunglasses guy, then start with a classic such as aviators. But my bet is that you already know what type of frame suits you and are now looking for that pair that lets you stand out, and for that, we recommend the Garret Leight Wilson or the Komono Damon.

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement in 2019 then you have to essential accessorize to really make you stand out. Whether it’s a classy pair of sunglasses, a bold ring or a simple necklace, your accessory game can definitely help you express yourself and complete your look.

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