2019 Sunglasses Trends


Snow has melted, the ski slopes are gone, and it’s time to tan! What’s on everyone’s mind? The beach, of course. What’s the ultimate beach accessory? Sunglasses. Everybody has several pairs but adding one more to complete your summer look won’t hurt anyone.

The 2019 summer trends and types for both men and women are endless. These types and trends range from big cat eye, two-toned lenses, double bridge, and mirrored sunglasses. As for lenses colors, it can vary from classic black, red, yellow, orange, and even nude. However, certain trends, types, and colors stand out in 2019 for men and women.

Men Sunglasses Trends – Summer 2019   

1 // Aviator Style

One of the most iconic styles of sunglasses that never gets old. Making its debut in 1986 appearing in Top Gun worn by Tom Cruise it has been a trend ever since. It fits most facial figures: oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. Simply, it’s for every man. This year’s standing out aviator brands are: 

1- Hackett London Double Bridge Pilot Sunglasses

Made from Ultra-Thin Acetate with a pilot cut shape design. These sunglasses come in three different colors: Navy, DK Tortoise, and Tortoise. 

2- Philipp Plein Sunglasses Statement

Metal frame sunglasses that are manufactured in Italy and come in three different color combinations. The three different color combinations are a black frame with gray-mirrored lenses, the nickel frame with blue mirrored lenses, and silver frame with white-mirrored lenses. 

 3- Matsuda Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses made of antique-gold toned titanium with bottle green lenses. Double-bridge eye design to provide extra comfort.

4- Ray-Ban Polarized Original Aviators

These sunglasses are known as the Top Gun Aviators inspired by the Top Gun movie. Made from a black metal frame and black lenses, these light weight sunglasses are a man’s everyday summer choice.

2 // Circular Round 

A trend inspired by John Lennon and Andy Warhol style. An everyday relaxed and retro-vibe look for men to wear. These shades are equal in width and height making it suitable for sharp and angular faces. Critics have described this trend on men as both subtle vintage flair and quirky. 

A few popular circular round summer trends are: 

1- Matsuda M2026 Eyeglasses

Made in Japan from gold-tone titanium and matte champagne acetate. A special detail added to these sunglasses are the green clip lenses.

2- Thomas Sabo: “Johnny” Ethnic Panto

An intrinsically detailed metal frame with metal acetate lenses mix eyeglasses. These sunglasses come in four different frame and lenses colors: black-matte frame with gray lenses, yellow gold colored frame with brown lenses, silver shiny frame with gray lenses, and silver-shiny frame with green lenses. 

3- Native Sons: Orwell Round Frame

Gray colored lenses and black acetate frame sunglasses made from gunmetal –tone wire arms providing comfort.

4- Garett Leight Wilson 49 Sunglasses

High-quality, handmade, and polarized frames that provide eye care and enhance clarity and colors. These shades come in two choices: Bourbon Tortoise-Matte Spotted Tortoise frames with pure brown lenses or Tokyo Tortoise-Amber Honey frames with pure green lenses. 

3 // Tortoise Shell 

A vintage and hipster style mimicking the look of real turtles, this trend first came to life in the ’50s. The tortoiseshell sunglasses almost always contain classic yellow, honey, brown and black frame colors. 

A few trending tortoiseshell brands for summer 2019: 

1- Coach Square Sunglasses

Oversized geometric shape sunglasses made of acetate tortoiseshell frames and solid lenses. These sunglasses are available in two different colors: dark tortoise frame with blue lenses or black frame with green lenses.  

2- Hugo Boss Double-Bridge Sunglasses

Double bridge sunglasses made from Havana acetate. The lenses are made from transparent blue spoilers.

3- Versace: Havana Medusa Biggie

Sunglasses made from a thick Havana frame and brown lenses giving off hip-hop classical vibes.

Women Sunglasses Trends – Summer 2019  

1 // Skinny Sunglasses 

Skinny sunglasses first became a trend in the 1950s and resurfaced again during the 1990s. Sunglasses trend with tiny and slim frames focuses more on style rather than eye care. 

Trending skinny sunglasses for summer 2019: 

1- Prada SPR12V

These shades are made of glossy pink, green and multicolored camouflage acetate and gray lenses. A futuristic design made in Italy. 

2- Calvin Klein 205W39 NYC Angular Eyecat

These cat eye sunglasses are made of acetate frames and monochromatic lenses.


2 // Transparent Lenses 

These shades are a minimalistic approach to simplicity. This trend has been around for a long time now, but the trend has finally started to pick up recently. These sunglasses go with almost anything you are wearing and requires light make up. It can give you a celebrity look while highlighting your facial features. 

Trending transparent lenses for summer 2019:

1- Maison Margiela MMMono

A combination of classic and contemporary style these square shaped yellow clear sunglasses are made of acetate frames and yellow lenses.

 2- Oliver Peoples Erissa

Handmade sunglasses made of glossy dark burgundy acetate. It contains pink lenses with an oval shape frame.

3 // Shield Sunglasses

As Vogue states this trend is science lab meets 80’s ski frame. As time has passed the frame has gotten bigger becoming oversized with a futuristic and sporty mirrored look. Women with bold and daring taste are big fans of this trend. 

Trending shield sunglasses for summer 2019: 

1- Oakley Jawbreaker

A crystal pop ruby design. These sunglasses contain a shield frame and non-polarized lenses.

 2- Kenzo Sporty Shield

A shiny pink or violet frame with round cutout lenses.

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